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Steam Humdifiers

Humidifers aren't just for your health, they keep your wood floors, cabinets, furniture, expensive intruments, etc. in great shape!  A whole house humidifier will keep you comfortable at a lower temperature set on your thermostat as well. Which means energy savings! Live comfortable while protecting your house, belongings, and your wallet!


Please view some of our Steam Humidifier Installations!



Installation Photo Gallery

Please see the video below to see the Aprileaire Steam 800 Humdifier

actually boil water and create steam that will be dispursed throughout

your house.

Steam Humdifier Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze with the Aprilaire Steam 800 humidfier. All you have to do is replace the plastic drum behind the front panel of the unit. If you're comfortable with some hand tools and turning off the power with a switch ,you can certainly maintain your humidifier. If not, we can include this service in the Preventative Maintenance Contract.


Please view the old vs. new humidifier drums.

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