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Bosch Inverter (High Efficiency) Residential Systems 

We are excited to offer the Bosch Inverter System. Rated at 18 Seer and utilizing a true variable speed compressor, this system is extremely efficient. Quiet operation, intelligent control boards and sensors, and a very strong cabinet. The Bosch Inverter draws very little in-rush current ( .9 amps) on start ups! Conventional single stage systems draw anywhere from 40-90 amps depending on the systems capacity. This is a  4000% - 8000% energy savings on system startups. All of this translates to less energy consumption, which is less money spent on energy bills. Paired with a Bosch Manufacturer 10-Year warranty and an ATS Mechanical 1-Year Labor Warranty, the Bosch Inverter is an exceptional choice to make your home more efficient and comfortable. 

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